The Ceramic Water Filter


Water is one of the most basic human necessities, yet many millions of families spend a major part of their day struggling to get an adequate supply. For most of these people the only water available is contaminated with disease and harmful bacteria, resulting in millions of child and family illnesses leading to death. We help put affordable, long lasting filters into homes which can make this same water clean and safe to drink.

Potters Without Borders provides the vital service of technical assistance to organizations seeking to establish and maintain filter factories. We enable our partners to develop and maintain the highest quality control and manufacturing best practices possible.

We provide free assistance and technical advisement to develop Ceramic Water Filter (CWF) production facilities around the world. These low cost clay water filters allow families to be able to produce their own potable water and has a significant impact on their health.  We partner with international NGOs, charities, and faith based organizations who want to make filters but lack the technical skills necessary to implement reliable projects.


With your help we can continue to develop factories in areas where filters are urgently needed.