Investigation of the Potters For Peace Colloidal Silver Impregnated Ceramic Filter

In September 2001, Jubilee House Community contracted with USAID to provide intrinsic and field investigations of the Potters for Peace (PFP) colloidal silver impregnated ceramic filter. Daniele Lantagne, MIT Lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Principal of Alethia Environmental, was hired to complete the work. Ms. Lantagne spent three weeks in Nicaragua in October 2001 conducting experiments on the filter and sampling water quality in homes using the filter. Further research was conducted in November and December 2001 with filters that were transported back to the United States.

Report 1: Intrinsic Effectiveness
Daniel S. Lantagne
Alethia Environmental
Executive Summary of Report 1

Report 2: Field Investigations
Daniel S. Lantagne
Alethia Environmental
Executive Summary of Report 2

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