A Study of Ceramic Pot Filters Made From Clay Body and Sawdust

Journal of Resources Development and Management www.iiste.org
ISSN 2422-8397 An International Peer-reviewed Journal
Vol.45, 2018

Adeyemi Samson Adeleke Kamar Taiwo Oladepo* Julius Olatunji Jeje
Department of Civil Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

As a follow-up of an earlier effort to produce ceramic pot filter from locally available materials, studies were carried out towards the development of the filter from clay, laterite and sawdust. As measured by flow rate and
water quality tests, the filter having 45% sawdust and 55% clay body by volume was adjudged the best having satisfied the acceptable flow rate (between 1 and 2 litres/hour) and water quality (turbidity less than 5 NTU); in addition, the removal efficiency of suspended solids was 94%.

Keywords: Atamora Pottery Centre, turbidity, suspended solids, laterite, ceramic mould, slurry