About Us

Potters Without Borders (PWB) is a registered Canadian charitable organisation that provides socially responsible assistance to pottery groups and individuals. Founded in 2006, by a group of like minded friends, we work to promote the utilization of Ceramic Water Filters (CWFs).

Executive director: Burt Cohen
President: Kai Morrill
Chairman: Reg Kienast
Secretary/Treasurer: Isao Sanami
Directors and Committee Members:
Ben Morrill, Howard Brown, Alice Brown, Amy Huppler, Norbert Martens, Joan Crebo, Barb Crebo, Marc Demers, Patty Osborne, Tia Mclennan

About Potters Without Borders

Individuals and organizations contact Potters Without Borders (PWB) seeking to become connected to the ceramic water filter community. We have over 11 years of involvement with ceramic water filters, and have been providing free assistance to new and growing filter factories around the world. We also arrange for technicians to provide in-person consultation for factory feasibility, training, setup, and troubleshooting. We have seen first hand what works and, fortunately, we’ve also learned what doesn’t.

We share skills, equipment, and information among a world-wide network of technicians, researchers and producers, and those interested in implementing filter facilities. We work with an open-source philosophy, collecting and distributing the latest developments in CWF technology.

We do not build or own any filter facilities, do not profit from the sale of filters, and do not have funds to create new facilities.

Initially, through email and telephone communication, we can help you assess your project and field any inquiries involved with CWF technology, and its implementation.

We are currently involved in appropriate ceramic technologies. Through our affiliation with Potters For Peace, and the joint filter committee, we are researching Ceramic Water Filter technology as part of a solution to waterborne disease.

We are committed to an open source philosophy, all of our publications are available to any interested parties.