Cambodian lives and forests saved by award-winning water filter

June 1 – A simple water filter made from rice husk is helping the poor of rural Cambodia improve their health prospects and stem the deforestation that is destroying the nation’s jungles. This week iDE-Hydrologic picked up a prestigious Ashden Award for their Super Tunsai filter, named after a Cambodian legend. Jim Drury reports


Simple Water Filter



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“One billion people living in the world today without access to clean water” is a staggering figure. Do you think most people can conceive of how much our lives will change with 9.3 billion people living on this planet?

From: Whole Foods Market

Rwanda: Projet de filtre à  eau en céramique 2010

Une filme par: Debra Brosseuk
Projet de coopération du Potiers Sans Frontières, KIST (Kigali Institut de la Science et
Technologie), UNICEF, et  KACYIRU Cooperative Moderne de Poteries.

Guy Mbayo K. (Unicef WASH Program)
Burt Cohen (Potiers Sans Frontières)
Phocus Ntayombya (Unicef WASH Program)
Eugene Dusingizumuremyi (KIST Project Director)
Vice Rector John Mshana (KIST)
Dr. Jane Muita (Deputy Representative for UNICEF)
Honorable Minister Collette Ruhamya
Jean Paul (President de la Cooperative Moderne de Poterie)
Mugisha Esri (KIST Filter Production Officer) Continue reading “Rwanda: Projet de filtre à  eau en céramique 2010”

Portable Water Filter Press
A big challenge is getting the press through customs and into the places where it is most needed. So Creative Machines developed a highly portable press that could be disassembled and checked as airplane luggage. Even though our press can produce 20 tons of force, it can be disassembled and made to fit in a suitcase. It is so small it doesn’t even incur an oversize fee. This 5-1/2 minute video shows the press being tested for the first time by Potters for Peace.

Design for the other 90% video

The Design for the other 90% exhibit in NYC has posted the
short presentation I offered during the opening event and includes
the filter making video done in West Darfur.
Its not professionally done but it gets the point across.
The other presentations are better and offer a much wider view.